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Martial Arts Programs

Cardio Kickboxing and Boot Camp Classes

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  • Prices
  • Schedules
  • Workshop and personal training options
  • Outline of classes

* Big News! In September 2017 we are launching our Lunch Time Training!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays at 12pm.

Pre-register for these new classes and receive a 20% discount*

Join the fun and motivation of unlimited training and see the results for yourself.

Sign up for a course and get all classes: Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Boxing

Course Options: Unlimited Training

Drop in classes $15 each

1 Month $99+tax

3 Months $249+tax

6 Months $499+tax

1 year $799+tax

The more you commit, the more you save, the more results you get.

There is no substitue for hard work. Put in the effort and gain the rewards!

Personal Training Options:

1 on 1 Half Hour = $30

1 on 1 Full Hour = $50

2 on 1 Half Hour = $40 ($20 per person)

2 on 1 Full Hour = $70 ($35 per person)

Boxing Workshops: Maximum 5 people. Pre-registration required! $60 per person.

Call or email to register your spot!

1.5 hour instensive workshop focusing on:

  • Proper boxing form
  • Dynamic punching combonations with punching bag and focus pads
  • Drills for speed, accuracy, and power
  • Partner combos 
  • Sweat, sweat, and sweat. This is an AMAZING workout.

Dates and locations for Boxing Workshops are:

Sunday October 30th 2016 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts

Sunday January 28th 2017 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts

Sunday April 30th 2017 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts

Sunday May 27th 2017 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts

Sunday July 15th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)

Sunday July 29th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)

Sunday August 12th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)

Sunday August 26th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)

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Learn real kickboxing moves in our Cardio Kickboxing class. 


Get the body you want with our Boot Camp class. 


Stay agile and improve range and flexibility with our Yoga and Stretch class.


High energy classes to tone you up and slim you down.


All classes are taught by 4th degree black belt instructor, Danny Di Marco.

• Lose weight
• Tone and build muscle
• Improve cardio, endurance, and flexibility
• Great for all fitness levels
• Men and women will both get great result

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Fun + Fitness = The results you want! No experience required. This program is appropiate for all fitness levels.

Walk ins are welcome

See our schedule section to find class times and check out our Facebook page for updates.

Stretch and Yoga classes to begin in October 2016

Fitness Program Classes








Coming in September 12pm Boxing


Boot Camp


Coming in September 12pm Boxing



Cardio Kickboxing

Coming in September 12pm Boxing




Boot Camp/Kickboxing Combo class



Cardio Kickboxing


Contact us today for more information and to get started with a 1 week free trial!

Testimonial from Kickboxer Julie Dean

I have attended about six classes of kick boxing and boot camp, either in the evening, or at noon. I am writing just to let you know how impressed I am with the instructor, Danny.  He knows his stuff.  He's motivating and encouraging.  He can immediately zoom in on the weak link in the class and give them extra help while keeping the class going at the same pace. He seems to genuinely care and love what He is doing too.
You are very lucky to have him.  

Julie Dean



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