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Boxing Workshops:

Maximum 5 people per workshop

Pre-registration required!

$60 per person. Hand wraps included.

Call or email to register your spot!

1.5 hour instensive workshop focusing on:


  • Proper boxing form
  • Dynamic punching combonations with punching bag and focus pads
  • Drills for speed, accuracy, and power
  • Partner combos 
  • Sweat, sweat, and sweat. This is an AMAZING workout.

Dates and locations for Boxing Workshops are:

Sunday October 30th 2016 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts (DONE)

Sunday January 29th 2017 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts (DONE)

Sunday April 30th 2017 9am-10:30am Rising Sun Martial Arts (Done)

Sunday July 30th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)

Sunday August 27th 2017 9am-10:30am Coronation Park (Weather permitting)


Self Defence Seminar

Maximum 15 people per seminar

Pre-Registration required!

$80 Per person

Call or email to register today!

2 hour Self Defence Seminar focusing on:

  • Learning defensive posturing and language
  • Learning defence and escape techniques from grabs to your wrist and body
  • Learning to safty check your vehicle and use your car keys to defend
  • Practicing defending attacks and disarmourment
  • Learning key areas to strike an opponent
  • Defending attacks from behind
  • Building Confidence and Personal Security!

Dates and locations for Self Defence Seminar are:

Sunday November 27th 2016 9am-11am Rising Sun Martial Arts (DONE)


Weapons Training Workshops

Maximum 10 People per Workshop

Pre-Registration required!

$80 Per person. Weapons included

Call or email to register today!

2 hour Weapons Training Workshop focusing on:

  • Proper use of the weapons Nunchucks, Bo Staff, or Sword 
  • Basic techniques and forms
  • Drills for speed, accuracy, and power
  • Partner work for coordination

Dates and Locations for Weapsons Training Workshops are:

Sunday February 26th 2017 9am-11am Rising Sun Martial Arts(done)

Sunday June 25th 2017 9am-11am Rising Sun Martial Arts (registering now)


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